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The Challenges We Solve


Financial Institution Partnerships

Our Partnerships with leading International Banks either direct or via channel partnerships are vetted and we provide assurance to our clients on our instruments & their validity.  


Due Diligence Service On Trading Partners

We provide due diligence services to our clients via which they can verify their trading partners who want to trade with them can be verified on their KYC. So before you apply for an instrument we run due diligence checks on our partners. 


Long Term Engagement Strategies


Verifiable Banking Partners

At Mātiti Capital we engage with our clients to enable long term partnerships. With our Group having multiple companies in diversified fields, we can enable our clients to engage with us at multiple fronts and support their needs. 

Our Banking partnerships are verifiable and we provide support to our clients in having building confidence for delivery of instruments. 

“The Pandemic has changed how businesses would have evolved over next 10 year into just few months, its an opportunity which only a a few can see, at Mātiti Capital we will be your catalyst to grown in these testing times

Our Vision 

To Become A Leading Diversified Financial Portfolio Management Fund 

Our Story 

Mātiti Capital was founded in 2017 as a Start-Up Investment Advisory firm as part of Mātiti Consulting LLP, India and now is a financial services firm, HQ out of Dubai, UAE. Mātiti Capital has experienced professionals, who are experts in Trade Finance, Banking, Asset Management, Corporate Finance, and Strategic Investment Advisory. 


Our networking extends to various banks, financial institutions, government agencies, and funds, in multiple geographies. Our privileged clients gain access to wide-range of capital sources and structures, for our resilient associations. We have helped raising capital for the companies from varied industries including, Trade Finance, Start Up Investments, Renewable energy, Real estate, Infrastructure, and Manufacturing across the globe.

Our Services

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Documentary Letter of Credit or Letter of Credit (Sight LC)

A Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) or At Sight Letter of Credit (Sight LC) is a financial instrument, issued by banks or trade finance institutions through a SWIFT MT700 message, where seller/exporters receive payment from the buyer/importer, once the terms specified in the DLC are completely fulfilled.

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Stand By Letter of Credit (SBLC)

A standby letter of credit (SLOC) is a legal document that guarantees a bank's commitment of payment to a seller in the event that the buyer–or the bank's client–defaults on the agreement

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Usance Letter of Credit

A Usance letter of credit is a specific type of letter of credit that allows a predetermined credit period to the buyer i.e. the importer. In common business usage, a Usance letter of credit is also known as a differed letter of credit.


Bank Guarantees

Bank Guarantee a promise made by the bank to any third person to undertake the payment risk on behalf of its customers. Bank guarantee is given on a contractual obligation between the bank and its customers.

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Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is when a company takes controlling ownership in a business entity in another country. Generally, FDI takes place when an investor establishes foreign business operations or acquires foreign business assets, including establishing ownership or controlling interest in a foreign company.

At Mātiti Capital we focus on bringing FDI for listed companies only and can look at ticket value starting anything from 50 Million USD to 500 Million USD.

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Start-Up Investments

Startup investing is the action of making an investment in an early-stage company. Beyond founders' own contributions, some startups raise additional investment at some or several stages of their growth. Not all startups trying to raise investments are successful in their fundraising.

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