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Guest Speaker - Uplevel Summit, OPTIMIZING PRODUCTIVITY


📌 What it is?

📌 What it can be? and

📌 What is should be?

How do we Optimize Productivity to Enhance Performance?

It was brilliant session with lovely Shirley Hills and the team at Transformers Hub International, during the recent Uplevel Summit 4.0

Key highlights of my discussion:

✅ 8 factors effecting the Productivity in an Organization and YOU

✅ Key Tips on Staying Effective in the newnormal

✅ Devising a #customized ongoing #journey of productivity, rather then it being a one chance experience

To access the full session, follow the link below :)

🌟How do you define and measure productivity?

My best regards

Charul C Jaitly

Co Founder and Managing Partner, Mātiti Group

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