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Kindness and Compassion - The Real 'Magic Dust'​

Is Kindness and Compassion Underrated?

In life, time and again, we all come across people and circumstances where we feel our kindness and compassion is misunderstood, may be taken for granted, and perhaps sometimes even ‘abused’.

How we ourselves feel after the act of kindness and compassion, is a personal choice.

"Let not the reaction to your action, question the purposefulness and intent of your action"

The lack of positive response and understanding, the thanklessness, the virtue of feeling that they were obliged to your kindness and compassion, is their journey and learning and not yours!

What’s our own learning in such instances?

Here are my takeaways and personal tips on managing this key aspect in your personal development:

· Rise above the noise

· Do the act of kindness, because it matters to you, it makes you a better person

· Focus on the bigger picture, see how your act will positively enable the person/situation

· Stay committed to your own growth

Do not:

· Engage in the reaction

· Allow the reaction of one person/ situation, change your perspective and future acts of kindness

In the current world, a lot around us is changing, and how we individually can support and enable one another in such times is by staying kind and compassionate!

Are these traits under rated and sometimes taken for granted?

It’s a bittersweet “YES”!

And one may ask, how should I stay committed and driven to be kind and compassionate.

Its simple! If it gives you inner joy and peace, if it makes you a better person (personally and professionally), if it enables you to grow as a person, if it allows you to see the world in a better light...


Be kind and compassionate:

· Because it matters to you

· Because you deserve to be a better human being

· Because the world needs more of it

· Because that’s the right thing to do


So go ahead, and

· Make that donation

· Send that recommendation

· Write that deserving reference letter

· Give that honest complement

· Lend that listening ear

· Acknowledge even the small (est!) positive actions of others

· Generously offer to help and support

· Offer encouragement and guidance to those in need…

And the list is endless and subjective… do what you can and make it count (for yourself).

And while you do all of that, DON’T FORGET TO ‘PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK’

Because you did good 🙌 and let's continue to be kind to our own selves too.

Like how William John Bennett puts it


In my next article I will share my thoughts and insights on the aspects of kindness and compassion 'for your own self'.


Charul C. Jaitly

Co Founder and Managing Partner, Mātiti Group

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