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Mātiti name originates from the Maori language spoken in New Zealand which means "The Grid". The Company was founded with a vision to offer a one stop solution to all our clients globally. With services ranging from Consulting, Strategy Execution, Human Capital Development, ICT Solutions & Business Intelligence, Matiti endeavours to build a lasting partnership with its clients in enabling them to enhance their strategy & operations .

Our aim is to bridge the gap between the client needs and solutions required, to address those tailored needs. Our approach and solutions are customisable & scalable, as we appreciate each business has its own unique challenges. Our skilled project teams and highly credible products portfolio enables us to address the needs of rapid globalisation and offer solutions which are best in class and suit our client needs. 

Consulting With Difference

Changing the way business connects with the top tier solutions globally

The Idea

Mātiti's core philosophy revolves around understanding & converting our clients vision & ideas into impactful solutions

Global Project Teams

Mātiti's Leadership Team has a global network of credible consultants, vendors and partners who offer unique products & services


Mātiti's approach is configured to deliver solutions to our clients which are customised, personalised and effective.

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