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"Affirmation Series", Count Down to NY 2021 day 4


DAY 4 - Counting Down to NY 2021❤️

Hello Dear Family

Very Merry Christmas 🎅🏻🎁

Its been a great day and I wish and I hope its a joyous celebration of good times with your loved ones!

I promised a gift everyday and will keep my promise today too :)

Today we will:

📌 Do a quick recap on 'Affirmation' series ✅

📌 Listen to recorded affirmations for 'Creativity and Spirituality' 💫🌈🌟

I am sure this segment will resonate with a lot of us as we prepare to welcome 2021 with a shift in our paradigms and understandings about our life and the bigger purpose! "Looking at all as one and oneness in all"

Listen in for handy, inspiring and game changing tips 😊

I hope you enjoy watching and learning from it, as much as I had fun recording it!

Lots of love, light and very warm wishes ⭐️

See you again tomorrow 👀

Charul C Jaitly

Co Founder and Managing Partner, Mātiti Group

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