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Cyber Fringe Festival 2020 "How to Future Proof Critical National Infrastructure"

Cyber Fringe Festival 2020 ✨

In Collaboration with University of Wolverhampton, UK

The teams from Mātiti Group and Kinetic Six Ltd., hosted Global Leaders, Government Official, CEOs and Key Note Speakers, to discuss and address the key topics as it relates to Cyber.

In this session, it was a delight interacting with:

💎 Greg Smith, Member of Parliament, UK

💎 Prof. Prashant Pillai, University of Wolverhampton, UK

💎 Yasser Alobaidan, CEO, KSA

The session had:

📌 The corporate flavor from Yasser 💰

📌 Government views from Greg ✅

📌 Combined with academic impact highlights from Pro.Pillai 🙌

Highly engaging presentations, together with very interesting session of QnA, and with Greg's inputs on how the government sees opportunities of collaboration in this space, made this an action packed discussion.

Do listen in for meaningful and very relevant insights ⭐️

My best wishes always

Charul C Jaitly

Co Founder and Managing Partner, Mātiti People (part of Mātiti Group)

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